In the Pool

Protecting Your Pool Water

For over four decades Blue Water and Aqua-Rec have been dedicated to safeguarding pool water, ensuring it remains not only crystal clear but also safe for swimmers.

Pool Cleaners

Experience superior cleaning with our WAVE line of pool robots. Engineered for power and durability, these heavy-duty cleaners offer exceptional performance, consistently meeting the rigorous demands of large, busy pools. Perfect for expansive commercial settings like major hotels, resorts, fitness centers, and water parks, the Maytronics WAVE line sets the standard for professional-grade pool cleaning.

Dolphin Wave 200 XL

The Dolphin Wave 200XL excels as the optimal cleaning choice for large community, fitness, or resort pools up to 127 feet. Tailored for pools with high usage, its robust scrubbing power and efficient dirt collection promise a consistently clean and welcoming environment for every guest on every occasion.

Dolphin Wave 140

The Dolphin Wave 140 stands out as the premier cleaning solution for large community, fitness, or resort pools up to 127 feet. Specially designed for high-traffic pools, its robust scrubbing and efficient dirt collection guarantee a consistently pristine and inviting aquatic environment for every guest, every visit.

Dolphin Wave 120

Say goodbye to costly and labor-intensive pool upkeep with the Dolphin Wave 120. Tailor-made for pools up to 121 feet, this robust robot thoroughly cleans floors, walls, and waterlines, providing comprehensive coverage. Efficient and effective, the Dolphin Wave 120 ensures a superior clean, minimizing the need for chemicals and manual effort.

Water Testing

Lumiso Pooltest Expert

Lumiso Pooltest Expert is a multi-parameter benchtop photometer designed as an all-round solution for pool and spa water testing needs. From pool managers through to professional engineers, this photometer is suitable for testing multiple times daily, quickly and accurately across key and troubleshooting parameters.

  • Multi parameter for troubleshooting
  • Quick and accurate testing
  • Large touch screen interface
  • Simple to follow on screen instructions
  • Data traceability and audit compliance

Pooltest 25 Professional Plus

Introducing the Pooltest 25 Professional Plus Photometer: a comprehensive, waterproof, high-precision pool photometer crafted for the needs of the most discerning professional.

  • 1,000 test results stored on-board with audit trail capability
  • Palintest and Langelier Indices available
  • Fully waterproof with IP67 rating
  • Balanced water calculation for scale/corrosion control built in
  • USB port for PC connection interface

The Pooltest 6 Professional

Discover the cutting-edge Lumiso Pooltest 6, your comprehensive solution for water balance analysis. This advanced electronic meter offers tests for alkalinity, bromine, calcium hardness, chlorine, cyanuric acid, and pH, ensuring thorough water balance maintenance.

  • High precision Lumiso meter for accurate water analysis.
  • Compact and lightweight kit design, accommodating all necessary accessories and reagents.
  • USB connectivity for streamlined data management and regulatory compliance.
  • User-friendly operation with rapid result delivery.
  • Relies on the globally recognized DPD method, innovatively developed by Dr. Palin.

ADA Access & Compliance Solutions

SR Smith Pool Lifts

SR Smith Pool Lifts are renowned for their superior quality and durability, offering safe and reliable accessibility solutions for swimming pools. Engineered with precision, these lifts provide ease of use and comply with ADA standards, ensuring a seamless and inclusive swimming experience for individuals with mobility challenges.

MultiLift 2 Pool Lift

aXs2 Pool Lift

PAL2 Pool Lift

Splash! Pool Lift

ADA Aqua Trek2 Ladders

The AquaTrek2 ADA Ladder comes in a range of models with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 steps, catering to various needs. Designed for both durability and portability, this unit is ideal for commercial pools. Its 30-inch wide treads offer a comfortable and secure walking surface, while the reinforced side rails ensure enhanced strength and stability.


  • No open risers
  • 8” Max. Riser Height
  • Full 12” Tread depth
  • 24” Max. width between handrails
  • Top landing handrail extensions
  • Inside stepped handrails at 35” above tread edge
  • Both side screens included