The Pump Room

Optimize Your Pump Room Efficiency

Equip your aquatic facility with best in class pump room products, designed to enhance operational efficiency. Ensure a worry-free pump room experience, freeing up your time to focus on other important aspects of pool management.

Chemical Delivery Systems

Blue Water and Aqua-Rec are proud dealers of the Accu-Tab Chlorination System. Ensuring crystal-clear water and safeguarding against recreational water illnesses (RWIs) are critical tasks for pool operators. A key aspect of this is maintaining balanced water (LSI: -0.3 ≤ SI ≤ +0.3). Accu-Tab tablets are specifically formulated to have minimal impact on water pH, aiding in the maintenance of total alkalinity.

With over two decades of expertise in the commercial aquatics sector, the Accu-Tab chlorination system is designed to streamline these challenges for aquatic facilities of all sizes. When compared with other methods like tablet-based systems, liquid bleach, saltwater systems, and trichlor feeders, the Accu-Tab system stands out for its consistent and precise chlorine delivery. This accuracy is essential for effectively eliminating harmful bacteria, controlling algae, and removing organic contaminants.

We can provide any Accu-Tab chlorinator system to meet your specific needs.

Filteration Systems

Discover Paddock’s advanced filtration solutions, featuring the innovative Paddock Regenerator™ and the versatile stainless steel horizontal pressure filters. Tailored for optimal performance, our range offers unparalleled water clarity, customizable sizes, and economic efficiency, ensuring the perfect fit for your aquatic facility’s unique filtration needs.

Paddock Regenerator Media Filters

The Paddock Regenerator™ revolutionizes pool filtration with its advanced regenerative technology. This automated system combines efficiency and savings, providing unparalleled water clarity with NSF-certified Perlite or D.E. filtration. Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen and flexible elements, it ensures superior particulate removal down to 1 micron, setting a new standard in pool filtration efficiency and clarity.

Stainless Steel Horizontal Pressure Sand Filters

Paddock’s stainless steel horizontal pressure filters excel in durability and versatility, meeting diverse needs with various sizes and construction options. From carbon to stainless steel, and diameters up to 120 inches, these filters adapt to any space and flow requirements. Unique Dual-Cell Horizontal Filters offer cost-effective solutions for restricted backwash flow, providing efficient filtration without compromising on performance.


Fiberglass Horizontal Sand Filter

The Paddock Horizontal Sand Filter (HZF) series delivers exceptional pressure sand filtration at an affordable price. Featuring corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks, these filters match the performance of Paddock’s stainless steel counterparts. With a range from 16.5 to 134 ft², the HZF series suits any commercial aquatic application, including a 34” diameter model perfect for tight spaces and budgets.


Control Systems

Elevate your aquatic facility’s management with Chemtrol’s cutting-edge monitoring systems, meticulously designed to automate and simplify water chemistry control. These systems diligently monitor chlorine and pH levels, automatically adjusting feed systems for optimal balance. Embrace the pinnacle of automation with our integrated controllers, offering mobile device remote operation identical to being in the control room. Effortlessly manage lights, heaters, and UV systems, all from your mobile interface. This investment in advanced technology ensures your aquatic facility operates at its best, combining convenience, precision, and safety in one seamless package.

Digital Controllers

Programmable Controllers

Integrated Controllers

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Explore our advanced UV Swim solutions, encompassing the NSF50 listed UV Swim I and UV Swim U systems. Designed to cater to all large aquatic environments, these systems specialize in enhancing water quality, ensuring safety, and improving comfort by effectively tackling chloramine and chlorine challenges.

UV Swim I

Our UV Swim I systems, proudly NSF50 listed, meet the rigorous standards of the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC), US EPA UVDGM, and DVGW. These systems are expertly optimized to provide superior treatment, effectively managing chlorine levels for a range of leisure facilities, from intimate spas to expansive competition pools.